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HypnoPuncture is a combination of hypnotherapy and acupuncture that helps wake up the subconscious mind and allows connection with our conscious mind to assist with making changes that seem impossible. When we work together with making suggestions to the subconscious mind, it allows free flow to create new neural pathways in the brain. Bringing someone to their happy place is helpful when one is working on depression and/or anxiety for example. ‍
‍ HypnoPuncture can also help with tinnitus which can be very irritating. With hypnosis, we can access the area of concern with a little awareness on why this ringing in the ears is happening. With a series of 6 treatments, one week apart, it will be the start of creating a new you.

HypnoPuncture can also help with:

• Emotional Stability ‍
• Hot flashes ‍
• Addiction recovery ‍
• Weight loss ‍
• Mental focus ‍
• Thyroid health ‍
• Decreasing pain ‍
• Digestive support ‍

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