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NADA Protocol

NADA stands for National Acupuncture Detoxification Association and was originally developed by a licensed Acupuncturist in the United States. NADA Protocol aims to alleviate the heightened states of fight or flight within the nervous system. It is specifically intended to address stress, trauma, and addiction by using precise placement of fine needles into five specific points on the ears and tailored to the individual’s concern.

NADA ear acupuncture protocol utilizes up to five ear points:

Shen Men - Calming, reduces cravings, anxiety, insomnia ‍

Sympathetic - Relaxes muscles, calms nervous system ‍

Kidney - Clears blood, reduces fear, provides access to emotional reserves ‍

Liver - Helps detoxify, reduces anger and depression ‍

Lung - Helps detoxify, restores “joie de vivre” ‍

Benefits of NADA:

• Increased calmness, better sleep, and less agitation ‍
• Relief from stress and emotional trauma ‍
• A discovery of inner quiet and strength ‍
• Reduced cravings for alcohol and drugs, including nicotine ‍
• Minimized withdrawal symptoms ‍
• Helps with headaches ‍
• General sense of wellbeing ‍
• Helps those who struggle with anger and frustration ‍

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